Nov 29, 2016

Chao Phraya River View Part2

Chao Phraya River View (Sathorn Bridge to Phut Bridge)
The area before the Old town is where foreigners settled up in Bangkok.This area has pier, company, restaurant, hotel from Chinese and European.This area has many crowded places such as Yaowarat, Silom, Sathorn.

Sathorn Bridge
Most people called it “Tak sin Bridge” .This bridge is across Chao Phraya River between Sathorn and Silom road. Crowded of people come here to take the BTS sky train and traveling by boat at the Pier.You can walk along the bridge to see the view of the river.

Ambassade de France en Thaïlande

East Asiatick building
East Asiatick is the company which built in Thailand 130 years ago.The owner is this company is Danes.This company is selling their product aross south east Asian countries such as Malaysia , Simgapor , Indonesia.They got their shipping boat between Singapore and Thailand.The company has been closed but it remains only the building.

Oriental Hotel
One of the most oldest hotel in Asia.This hotel has built for 150 years.The building got Architectural Conservation reward.This hotel is for welcoming the kings and president from other countries and also the famous artists and writer in this world.

Customs House
The European style building built by Italy 130 years ago.It used to be the pier before.In Colinial Thailand has been forced to earn less tax while the country around us has been taken.

Kalawar Church
The oldest Catholic Church in Bangkok built by Portugese Catholics who resettled in the area after the fall of Ayuttaya.This church has Holy rosary and Jesus sculpture which they brought from the war.This church named Kalawar by the name of the hill that Jesus on the cross.Kalawar church located near China town. Chinese people came here to mass and when they renovate the church they decorate it with Chinese alphabet which is the remarkable thing for this church.

Portuguese Embassy in Thailand
Portugal is the first western country that contact with Thailand.They came for selling and wrking in government service.That’s why their embassy is near the river because Thai people used to traveling by the river in the past.

Guan Yu Shrine
Guan Yu is the god of loyalty for Chinese people.This shrine was built 280 years ago before Bangkok was established.The Guan Yu sculpture in this shrine is from Chinese in Emperior Qian Long era.

Post office museum
The first post office in Thailand now became Thailand Post office museum.

Four things that you shouldn’t miss in Wat Phra Kaew According to a research from the tourist in Thailand,They said Wat Phra Kaew is the most Impressive place in Bangkok because of the beautiful architecture and sculpture. Wat Phra Kaew is located within the grounds of the Royal Palace and is used for royal ceremonies. It was built at the same time that Bangkok was established and is an important temple as it displays the work of the most talented craftsmen of the period.Wat Phra Kaew and royal palace open everyday so don’t believe anybody who says it close!
Bangkok became a capital city since 1783.They built the wall for protect the city including 14 fortress. After that they didn’t use the fortress much so now remain only two fortress.