Dec 03, 2016


Some of the nice people in front of Wat Phra Kaew isn’t nice like you thought!
Around Wat Phra Kaew wall , There are group of thieves fool foreigner and Thai tourist.

1. Don’t believe anyone who said that Wat Phra Kaew is closed till you check it out because it only close for once or twice a year.Thieve will fool you for a boat trip and send you back on the         afternoon. if someone offer you a trip like this ,you should be careful.They will take you for buy things and traveling by boat with expensive price or watching a normal canal to get your money.
Normally the price for Bangkoknoi canal view shouldn’t be further than 3,000 baht per boat not per person because they are many program which has different length and
Distance and the price is around 1,500-2,000 baht.

2. From Wat Phra Kaew to Wat Pho. Take you only 4 minute walk.
Normally Tourist who came to Wat Phra Kaew also want to go to Wat Pho, they always go by tuktuk or taxi but you can just walk to Wat Pho by using a map.
Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho are nearby just across the road but Wat Phra Kaew door is the other side of the wall so when you are at the front of Wat Phra Kaew you can’t see Wat Pho. We recommend you to walk because it’s only 900 metres , take you 4 minute to walk but if you want to try Tuktuk 40 baht for the price is reasonable per one round.

3. If you want to go to Wat Arun , there is a pier near Wat Pho.The price for a boat is only 2-3 baht.
Bangkok became a capital city since 1783.They built the wall for protect the city including 14 fortress. After that they didn’t use the fortress much so now remain only two fortress.
Apart from four things that you shouldn’t miss in WatPhraKeaw Bangkok Thailand, there are many interesting things in this temple too. However, you can’t take photos in the Ubosot.