Dec 04, 2016

Interesting Spots in Wat Phra Keaw

Apart from four things that you shouldn’t miss in WatPhraKeaw Bangkok Thailand, there are many interesting things in this temple too. However, you can’t take photos in the Ubosot.

Each Ginnaree has different names such as Ginnaree – half human , half bird / Singhapanorn half monkey, half lion but the most famous Ginnaree for Thai people are Ginnorn and Ginnaree.

Giant Statue
They are giants fron Ramakien which each of them has different face and color. You can take a photo with any! Thai people mostly don’t know all of them.

Phrasrirattana Chedi
Phra Sri Rattana Chedi is a beautiful huge golden Padoga that you can see from the outside of the temple.

Simulation of Angkor Wat Cambodia
150 years ago King Rama 4 planned to move the rock castle from Cambodia to Bangkok Thailand but instead he built
Nakorn wat replica, It is the imitation of Nakorn Wat, the wonder of the world building in Siemreap.

It’s so hard not to have a  photobomb in this spot.

The Golden Tripitaka is placed here.

Giant Statue
Everybody loves to take a photo in this spot!

Nov 23, 2016
Everyone love Andaman beach such as Phuket , Phangnga , Krabi , Phiphi Island , Surin Island but another side called Aao Thai is getting popular such as Samui Island , Phangan , Nangyuan Island , Tao Island and Angthong Island.
We are going to introduce you the Angthong Island. This island is far from Samui for only 32 km. You can easily find one day trip from Samui Island as well.
Nov 26, 2016
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