Nov 23, 2016

Samui Island, Thailand

Angthong Island , Samui, Thailand

Everyone love Andaman beach such as Phuket , Phangnga , Krabi , Phiphi Island , Surin Island but another side called Aao Thai is getting popular such as Samui Island , Phangan , Nangyuan Island , Tao Island and Angthong Island.
We are going to introduce you the Angthong Island. This island is far from Samui for only 32 km. You can easily find one day trip from Samui Island as well.

Normally a trip including diving and kayaking, especially kayak we recommend that you should try it , rowing a boat to watch the view of the sky , sea and island will makes you excited.
Angthong Island has 42 small islands some of them is for watching the view , some is for swimming but mostly is for kayaking.

The most famous island is Wua ta lab island which you can see many island with different from the highest point of view.If you are interested you have to be specific because not every tour came to this island because you have to climb the mountain we recommend you to bring gloves for climbing.Every tour will bring you to Mae koh island , the remarkable thing about this island is inner sea – it looks like  a lake cover with cliff.This island has an easy way to walk for watching the view so One Day Trip always brought you here.

Imagine people in the past rowing boat for traveling or fishing. That is the feeling that you will get while kayaking around the island , being in a small boat and watching island , sea and sky around you will makes you feel really good.

Apart from kayak, there is diving to watch corals but diving isn’t the popular thing to do here , if you wanted to dive we recommend you to go to Andaman beach.Thailand got the beautiful corals that you shouldn’t miss.

If you get tired form kayaking and diving you can take a rest on the beautiful beach or you can play beach sports.

If you want to have a night at Angthong Island you can place a tent at Wua ta lhab island. There are a plenty place for placing a tent , they got restaurant on the beach and officers whom taking care of the area.

If you come to Samui Island or Fullmoon party at Phangan Island. We recommend you to come amd see the beautiful and peaceful view of Angthong Island.
Bangkok became a capital city since 1783.They built the wall for protect the city including 14 fortress. After that they didn’t use the fortress much so now remain only two fortress.
Nov 26, 2016
The Scent Hotel, Samui is the best hotel for those scent lovers , when you entry the hotel you will smell the scent all over the place.After you check-in they will let you choose your room scent and toiletry.If you are scent lover you shouldn’t miss this place